Chicken? Ice Cream? Which one is it?!?!

Do you remember when replacing everything with cake was a popular meme? Today, it isn’t quite a meme because people are actually interested in it. Today, we have a mouth-watering classic disguised as something completely different from its category to fool us! Do you know what is it?


(Image: Post and Courier)


If you guessed fried chicken, you are absolutely right! However, it is actually a delicious ice cream treat! If you are interested too, it is the NOT FRIED CHICKEN from Life Raft Treats! The delicacy was created by an award-winning pastry chef, Cynthia Wong in 2018 but it didn’t capture as much attention as it did now.


(Image: Tianna S Monroe on Facebook)

The craze started when Tianna posted the image above on her social media. It has gained 77k shares and 14k comments within a day of posting. This brought attention to Life Raft Treats’ Website where they showcase the product and its content.

If you are interested in trying it with your friends, you might have to wait because it is only available for nationwide shipping. Would you try it out if given the opportunity?

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