How To Buy Online Package

Step by step guide to buying i-City online package through this website 

NOTE : For this example, I am a family of 3, me, my wife and my child (10 years old). We are planning to get the All Day Happy Package


1) Once you reach the Homepage, you will see the main image which is clickable and the bottom right corner is to reach the Online Chat Support if you have any questions. To see the packages offered, click on the image.

2) You will reach the page which shows all the available packages. Since I am interested in All Day Happy Package, I will click on it.

3) I will then reach the page where I can see the details about the All Day Happy Package along with the pricing for different types of tickets, Malaysian, non-Malaysian, adult or child. I will start by selecting Child (Malaysian) for my child and click on the ADD TO CART button.

4) Next, I am buying for me and my wife. So, I will select Adult (Malaysian), set quantity to 2 and click on ADD TO CART.

5) A shopping cart popup will show and you can easily increase or decrease the amount of packages using the plus or minus sign. You can remove the package by using the cross. If you are happy with your packages, click the Checkout button.

6) Next, I will fill up my customer information at the respective fields such as my email, first name and last name (according to IC), and address. Once all the fields are filled up, I will click on Continue to payment method

7) Then I will click on Complete Order to go to the MOL Pay payment gateway.

8) On this page, I can click on Payment Options to see what are the available payment options. For payment with Credit/Debit Card, select Visa MasterCard. For online banking like Maybank2u, CIMB Clicks etc., click on FPX. For this example, I am paying with Maybank2u.

9) I will key in my contact number and click on Pay Online Through FPX.

10) All the online banking options will appear and I will select Maybank2u.

11) To proceed, click on Agree and Continue. It's optional to key in my email address.

12) Then, I will be directed to Maybank2u site to complete my purchase like any other online purchases.

13) Once the transaction is complete, I will be directed back to i-City's website on the Thank You page.

14) In my email inbox, I will receive 3 eTickets (1 Child and 2 Adults) which I need to bring to the Online Redemption Counter that is located beside SnoWalk to proceed with enjoying the games at i-City. The tickets can be printed out or shown through your phone.