About Us

The Group’s Leisure business centres on Leisure Park i-City. This segment has achieved double digits growth in revenue yearly since Leisure Park first opened to the public in December 2009. Part of this growth has been due to the increase in the number of visitors while the other part is contributed by the increase in the ringgit spending per visitor.

The number of visitors to i-City theme park is driven by two categories of activities - events and functions and direct marketing efforts by the Group. Taken together, they account for an average of 90,000 visitors a week.

The business plan for Leisure segment is to invest a total of RM 100 million in the various rides and attractions by 2018 so as to provide a comprehensive experience for the visitors. As at end 2014, RM 70 million has been invested in the various rides and attractions.

Situated on a 25-acre tourism destination, it is divided into 4 precincts, namely:

  1. City of Digital Lights – with amusing outdoor park rides and over 1.0 million LEDs lightscape;
  2. Snowalk - a 50, 000 square feet arctic setting maintained below 5 degree Celcius;
  3. WaterWorld – a water theme park introducing the first Tornado Ride in Southeast Asia; and 
  4. FunWorld - offer family-oriented activities and games with Malaysia's first interactive wax museum, The Red Carpet, and Malaysia's first Trick Art Museum.