Korea’s Tallest Ice Cream is Coming to Malaysia?

Love ice cream? So do we! Soon, we will meet each other in line to wait for the famous dessert from Myeongdong! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it’s the famous swirl parfait from Seoul and it’s 3 times the size of a regular ice cream, 32cm to be exact.


(Image: Cheap Tickets)

A photo of the soon-to-be-opened shop was released on Facebook by 我爱大马美食 I Love Malaysian Food. Luckily for us, it is their first international outlet outside of Korea so it is not necessary to leave the country for some delicious iconic parfait. You can just get them delicacies at Lot 10, Bukit, Bintang.


(KL Foodie)


If you can’t contain your excitement and are looking for the exact location, it would be opposite of Don Don Donki alongside ZARA by Lot 10. It surely is a blessing to have it in Malaysia because it’s best suited for our long term Summer weather!


(Image: Facebook)

The comments on the Facebook post are definitely creative and funny! They mention that under Malaysia’s horrible weather, it will melt before we even start digging into it. One individual even mentioned that the ice cream in our country would more likely be 3.2cm than 32cm. Would you try it out when it releases? If you’ve tried it, would you indulge in it once again?

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