Zack Snyder’s Original Version of Justice League

Zack Snyder was the original director for November 2017’s Justice League. However, he left the project due to personal reasons and the responsibility was passed onto Joss Whedon. We all know that the movie did not achieve people’s expectations as we can see from multiple rating websites such as Google, IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes etc.


(Image: The Verge)

The trailer starts off by showing Superman’s massive wound on his chest while being held up by Steppenwolf. It pans to Lex Luthor narrating over a destroyed city. One of the most unusual lines was ‘the god is dead’ which was presumed to be Superman’s death.


(Image: Cinema Blend)


In addition to an improvement to the 2017’s Justice League film, Jared Leto will also be featured in the movie as shown in the trailer. He previously appeared in Suicide Squad where he played as one of the supervillan, Joker.

Do you think this version of the movie would be better? Would you watch it again?

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