You Can Now Have A Reunion Dinner!

Good news for all the Chinese in Malaysia! Our government has released a statement stating that we can have the traditional reunion meal on Lunar New Year’s eve with our family members, but not more than 15 members in one place. Another condition was stated, that the family members must not live more than 10KM away from one another.

(Image: Vulcan Post)

The same revised Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) also applies to Lantern Festival (元宵节). This is all thanks to Malaysia’s Han Cultural Association President, Datuk Goh Hin San as he is the reason we get to celebrate this special festivity with our loved ones.

(Image: China Report ASEAN)

Datuk Goh also wanted to take this opportunity to express that the government officials are listening to the people and rest assured that all voices are heard. The people should also take credit for the revised SOP too as they played a part in influencing the decision!

Besides that, we are also permitted to only visit temples on 11th, 12th and 19th of February but the people are requesting to change the dates to 19th and 20th of February as it is the official date of Tian Gong’s birthday.

(Image: Fair Fun)

Please stay safe and follow the SOP laid down by the government as they fully trust our abilities to follow the rule and regulations to prevent a mass spread of COVID-19!

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