Why Babies Born in December Are The Best

To all the babies born in 2020, I’m sorry and good luck. Your entrance into the world may have looked a bit different with everyone looking all wacky with their faces wrapped up. To the expectant mothers expected to pop anytime soon in whatever time remaining in 2020, we have some fantastic news to share with you! That your little bundle of joy will be a special, lucky baby and not just because it was born so close to Christmas!

Here’s why being a December baby is the best! (no bias)

They have a tendency to be a morning person

A university study has found that those born around December were significantly more likely to be morning people than babies born earlier in the year. And as an added bonus, chances are your December baby will fall asleep earlier than the rest too!

Being the is youngest in your class is an advantage 

Understandably if you have a kid in a class with some classmates being 11 months ahead, you might be a little worried. But you don't have to be! There has been research that has proven that being the youngest in the class will be a reason a child performs better academically than their peers. So they might be the smallest kid in kindergarten but fast forward 20 years and they’ll perform better on tests, receive better teacher evaluations, and do better socially.

They are more prone to be dentists

According to data from census researchers in the UK, it was found December born babies are the most likely to grow up to work as dentists. It’s true that it is never too early to start practicing oral hygiene. Seems like it’s time for your baby to learn about good oral health at home.

They will most likely outlive everyone

The most uplifting news of the day! Your December darling has the best statistical possibility of living past 100 years of age! And they are not liable to contract significant infections and have a lower danger of experiencing cardiovascular sickness.

Count yourself lucky if you’re a Christmas baby. Always remember you are special and rare. Also wishing you a happy birthmonth! You're going to have plenty more.

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