Top 5 Weirdest Kit Kat Flavours

1. Red Velvet 

(Image: Nestle)

Everyone’s favourite cupcake flavour has now joined the Kit Kat range! The Red Velvet Kit Kat comes in a pack of 4 fingers so you can share a treat with someone special. These wafers are covered in a mouth watering white chocolate with red velvet flavours.

2. Orange

(Image: Amazon)

If you think a citrus flavored Kit Kat would be refreshing, then you would be absolutely right! The orange Kit Kat bar is one of the best selling flavours in the UK as it should be! This sweet and tangy treat is a crunchy wafer bar coated in milk chocolate with orange flavouring! You just can't go wrong.

3. Pumpkin Pie

(Image: Kroger)

You can now enjoy pumpkin pie any day of the year now! These Kit Kat wafer bars are covered in a rich pumpkin creme you are sure to love. You can also taste hints of the familiar spices you’ll get in a pie!

4. Birthday Cake

(Image: Kit Kat US)

Make everyday feel like a special day when you bite into the Birthday Cake Kit Kat! These wafer bars are coated with rich white chocolate and topped off with some "birthday cake" sprinkles. Sprinkles are also incorporated into the white chocolate. The best budget cake ever!

5. Apple Pie

(Image: Brand Eating)

This is definitely a treat that will make you scream, ‘Delicious!’. Enjoy a classic apple pie in the form of a wafer bar! This creative Kit Kat is a dessert coated in white chocolate with apple and cinnamon flavours.

Kit Kat definitely has the wackiest ideas when it comes to bringing out more flavours and we love it. Trying out new flavours is definitely exciting and we recommend that you get your hands on as many as you can! Maybe come up with a few flavours of your own too.

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