Top 4 Attractions at I-City’s Water Park, WaterWorld

1. Tornado 

(Image: i-City)

The top attraction at WaterWorld i-City is without a doubt the Tornado. The Tornado ride is one of South East Asia’s first spiral Tornado slide that flushes 7-storeys down, giving you the best adrenaline pumping excitement in just seconds! There is no question that the Tornado is the most popular ride throughout the water park. Do make note that you need 4 people per raft (including yourself) before you can jump into the Tornado. Plan your visit properly and make sure you bring along 3 other crazy friends who will join you on this ride!

2. Aladdin in Children’s Adventure

(Image: TripAdvisor)

Your little ones will definitely find their favourite spot in Aladdin Adventure. This attraction was designed specifically with kids in mind to give them the most fun they can have. With adorable slides and sprinklers, your kid will want to spend the whole day there! You just might have to drag them away when it’s time to go home.

3. Rainbow Racers Slide 

(Image: i-City)

The Rainbow Racers slide is made of 4 long and steep water slides that resembles a rainbow! The vibrant colours also contribute to that fact! Race with 3 of your best pals and see who gets to the bottom first. Maybe have a little bet on the line for more fun!

4. Giant Jacuzzi 

(Image: Spy Malaysia)

Love playing with bubbles? This relaxing lounge is the spot for you! A jacuzzi may not be a rare sight for many of us on it’s own but how about trying out a GIANT jacuzzi?! Just lay back, close your eyes and let the bubbles wash away your worries.


Start planning your year end trip now! If you’re feeling a little too cooped up at home, get on your feet and start ordering those tickets. We look forward to having you back soon and we know you can't wait either.

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