Top 3 Things to Look Forward To In Mission: Impossible 7, releasing in 2021

Insane Stunt Work

(Image: ScreenRant)

Tom Cruise is no stranger to risking his life to get the perfect shot to put on the big screen. He is also known for not using a stunt double to make the action scenes all the more realistic. From past movies in the franchise, he has been seen hanging off the side of a plane mid air and jumping off skyscrapers without thinking twice. It would be fair to expect the same heart stopping action scenes in the upcoming new movie!

Amazing Teamwork from Ethan Hunt and Benji Dunn

(Image: ScreenRant)

Cruise’s character, Ethan Hunt was never a lone wolf. He goes through all the missions with his number 2 guy, Benji Dunn, right by his side. Though Benji has a cute and lovable character, he also knows how to buckle down and is always there for Ethan whenever he needs him. It may even come down to Benji to save the world this time. 

Mission: Impossible 7 Will Definitely End With A Cliffhanger 

(Image: Cinema Blend)

World renown film studio, Paramount, has confirmed that there will be an eight movie to look forward to in the Mission Impossible franchise. The studio is reported to be filming these movies back to back and though that may seem stressful, the Mission Impossible series has always striven for the impossible. According to director, Christopher McQuarrie, the storyline for the sequel to Mission: Impossible 7 is in the works right now!

Your mission now, should you choose to accept it, is to be patient and wait for what could possibly be the last 2 movies in the franchise to be released! It may be hard but I know everyone can’t wait to see Ethan Hunt in action yet again.

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