Top 3 Reasons For Having Examinations Online

1. It’s More Environment Friendly

(Image: ESH Resource Management)

Having physical exams is not very environment-friendly. There is a lot of paper wasted for the question and answer sheets and a lot more scrap paper. Online exams will require less paper, printing, and transport used overall.

2.Flexibility to Take Exams Anywhere

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Conducting an exam remotely will give candidates the ability to sit for a secure exam paper from the comfort of their own homes. Going through an exam is stressful on its own but by doing it at home, you are removing factors such as making sure all stationary and tools required are packed and eliminate the concern of getting stuck in traffic on their way to the exam center. The experience is less stressful overall. 

 3. Reduced Administrative Burden

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There is much stress on administrative staff when conducting face-to-face exams. Running exams online reduces the stress of printing, circulating exams on paper, and organizing shipments of completed scripts to markers. This is also an expensive process. An online exam makes it safer for staff to securely store and dispose of exam papers and scripts.

In light of the current pandemic, school authorities should really prioritise the health and safety of their students and families alike. Some risks are not worth taking such as final exams. Exams can be redone, but lives can’t be returned.

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