Top 3 Beauty Tips From Blackpink’s Lisa

1. A Red Lipstick Is A Must

(Image: Facebook) 

A poppin’ red lip is the magical touch to look your best for any occasion. Whether you’re prepping to head for a night out, a dinner date or just because you feel like it, rocking a red lip is always the way to go. A little red lipstick instantly makes your smile stand out and adds confidence to your face.

2. Mastering Cat Eye Liner Is A Life Skill

(Image: Vanity Fair) 

Getting the perfect cat eye is the classic look that never disappoints. It’s a great look for you no matter what your eye shape is. Draw on the perfect flick and that bit of liner will define your eyes and lift your features.

Plus, you can dress it down for everyday wear or play it up for a dramatic look too. Go get yourself a waterproof eyeliner, a steady hand and loads of practice.

3. There’s Nothing More Important Than Healthy Hair

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To have the ideal hair is the dream for most girls. Long hair is more prone to dryness, tangles and even breakages. Lisa’s secret to the perfect long hair is to choose a repairing shampoo and don’t skip the conditioner and mask routine. Never forget to use a hair serum or a hair oil by spreading it along the lengths, focusing on the ends and avoiding the roots. And before heading out, spritz on a finishing spray that locks in shine and blocks out humidity so your locks stay sleek and smooth.

Blackpink's Lisa ranks number #1 as Asia's Most Beautiful Woman. I don’t know about you but I’ll be following these tips for a long time to come. Maybe we can also strive to be in the rankings with Lisa.

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