The Only 3 Reasons Lisa Should Be Your Favourite Kpop Idol

1. She Is The Best Dancer EVER

(Image: Kpop Chingu)

Regardless if you’re a loyal Blink or not so much a fan, one undeniable fact is that Lisa is a very talented dancer. Lisa’s world renowned dancing skills have made her the #1 Kpop female dancer. Lisa regularly uploads solo dance videos to her personal YouTube channel portraying dance moves with equal parts swagger and panache.

2. She Has The Best Taste in Style 

(Image: Shopee)

Every photograph ever taken of Lisa just screams perfection. From her casual candid shots to red carpet award shows, she is always dressed to impress and yes, we are VERY impressed. Her street style during promotional appearances have Blinks trying to copy her everywhere. She has been able to show her best styles in the pages of Vogue, V Magazine and other prominent fashion publications.

3. She is the “maknae” of Blackpink

(Image: Uzone. id)

In the Kpop Idol world, the youngest member of any Kpop group will be known as the “maknae”. For Blackpink, at age, 22, Lisa fills the spot of maknae. As the youngest, she never fails to deliver any cuteness that the group may need. Though Blackpink is known for being sassy and strong, Lisa’s cute acts (aegyo), will definitely melt your heart and make you say, ‘awww’.

Seems like there's no question as to which fandom you should be joining next. This list could keep going as Lisa is just so perfect! Hope you found some points helpful.

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