The 5 Best Reviews on I-City’s SnoWalk

Many of you have missed out on travelling abroad during this unprecedented year. However, there is another option for you guys if you want a new scenery, unlike anywhere else in Malaysia. i-City’s SnoWalk is the #1 place for you to be if you want to experience a wintery wonderland this time of the year! Here’s 5 reasons from our customers on why you shouldn't miss it!

1. Get ready to experience the most fun you ever had

2. If you missed your class trip this year, make sure to suggest it next year!


3. You just MUST visit

4. Experience winter without any hassle, right in your neighbourhood 

5. Do you wanna build a snowman?

Seems like SnoWalk is the place to be at the moment. Pack your bags and get ready to have some snow in your hair. Fair warning: snow is very cold so make sure you keep warm!

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