Thank You Malaysians!

We can all agree that this pandemic lasted way longer than it should’ve and we are thankful to all the frontliners who are still fighting this pandemic to curb the spread of COVID-19. However, let’s not forget those who have contributed to our society during these unprecedented times. Let’s find out who they are!

  1. Ustaz Ebit Lew’s generous donation.
(Image: Ustaz Ebit Lew)

Due to the pandemic, children are forced to take online classes for their education. Unfortunately, online classes require a strong internet connection and that’s not the only challenge that most children are facing. Without at least a laptop or smartphone, they can’t even attend classes considering that not all families have the ability to afford expensive gadgets. Astro Awani reported that 36.9% of students do not have personal devices to attend online classes. Upon that research, entrepreneur Ebit Lew shared on his social media that he would give away hundreds of tablets to students in need. A kind soul indeed!

  1. Good Cop, Bad Cop!
(Image: Polis Daerah Petaling Jaya)

It was recently reported that a woman was caught shoplifting in a grocery store in Petaling Jaya. The items she took were food and medical products in hopes to feed and cure her child’s fever. Commissioner Nik Ezanee Mohd Faisal was informed about the situation and instead of arresting her, the police department and social welfare department donated essentials to the mother so she could continue her survival in this pandemic. Policemen can really save people’s lives in many ways!

Let’s take this time to thank all the people who have tried to make a difference and help those in need during this pandemic. A simple act of kindness should be embraced by more people and it doesn’t have to be big! It could be as easy as spreading awareness on important issues. You never know who you might help one day!

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