Tealive Hints At Another Collab With Mamee - But How Was The First Collab Like?

If you’re a boba and social media addict, then you prolly would have seen this cheeky instagram post Tealive did with Mamee Malaysia.

(Image: Tealive)

The post seemed to be teasing a possible new collaboration between the two brands for a fried version of some bubble tea noodles the pair launched earlier this year. And true enough, a day after fans were left wondering what the post meant, Tealive confirmed their latest product, Mi Goreng Boba.

(Image: Tealive)

The first product from Tealive x Mamee was the Spicy Mi Boba which made heads turn everywhere. Maybe it was so good that they wanted to give it another go? Here are some reviews from the brave souls who tried the unexpected combination of foods:

  • The flavours were too confusing.
  • Experience a familiar instant noodle texture and pair that with a sweet tea broth that also has a spicy kick. Can you even imagine?

  • A bit overpriced for some cup noodles.
  • The Spicy Mi Boba can be bought online on Tealive official flagship store on Lazada and Shopee. You can get a package deal of 3 cups for RM15.90!

  • It is not a visually appealing meal.
  •  Instant noodles swimming in some hot pastel brown liquid? It looks SO gross but you can always try eating with your eyes closed.

    (Image: Siakap Keli)

    These are what some people had to say on that unique cup of noodles. You should definitely get one for yourself to try if you really want to. Who knows if you might actually like the taste!

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