Shopping Sale Guide: 5 TIPS of how to shop SMARTER during a SALE!

It's that time of the year again! The year end sales are here, and nearly every store window we pass will have discount signs thrown at us. Though the country may be going through some  tough economic times, with so many discounts available online, it can be easy to splurge on stuff that you don't really want or need, just because the price is right. Because of that, sales shopping can begin to feel seriously overwhelming! 

So here are some tips to help you get the most for your money and save, during a crazy sale!

1. Wait for the perfect time

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Be patient for the perfect price. It may be difficult to see the things you want sitting idly in your cart but it is vital that you be patient for the sale seasons to start. It usually takes a holiday season for stores to put their items on sale, especially for online stores. But you just got to wait for the moment you see that price drop, and it will be all worth the wait.

2. Take your time to compare prices between sellers

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Scout out different stores for what you're looking for and make note of the prices. This would be a lot easier if you were shopping online. Always look out for the quality of items and always do a quick survey of product reviews. Make sure to check them all out so you won’t regret it if you see your purchase priced differently elsewhere.

3. Collect all the freebies you can

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Everyone loves free stuff and if you ever see anything going for free, be sure to check it out. It may be a buy 1 get 1 free or getting an item free for a purchase, whatever the case, if it’s free you don't want to miss that promotion.

4. Buy in bundles to get free shipping 

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This is only applicable for online stores but we can't stress this enough! Doesn't it feel ridiculous to pay a shipping fee that costs the same or more than your item? The typical terms and conditions to qualify for free shipping involves purchasing over a certain amount to get you to spend more. So, go ahead and ask all your friends and family to buy your goodies  together. 

5. Claim all the vouchers before the big day 

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Vouchers and coupons can end up saving you a lot of money. If you're an avid online shopper, there are many websites that you can refer to get vouchers, such as CupoNation Malaysia and Malaysia Freebies! Some vouchers can even be as much as 50% off!

All in all, always remember to set a budget when shopping and stick to it! Shopping may be fun and exciting but you don't want to end up with useless junk that will just clutter up your cupboards.

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