Our Precious Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is around the corner! It’s a shame that we couldn’t celebrate as we once did due to the never-ending COVID outbreak. However, we can start planning for next year’s activities with this list.

  1.     Lion Dance!
(Image: Wandering Education)

What would a Chinese New Year Festival be without lion dances! We can find them in shopping complexes or events held in schools. If you are fortunate, you can even hire their private services where they would perform at the comfort of your own home!

  1.     Fireworks!
(Image: The Finder Singapore)


It wouldn’t be a festive season without fireworks! It’s definitely one of the must have Chinese New Year activities! When the flashing lights fill up the night sky, making it the most attractive sight. Did you know that fireworks are a part of its tradition? It is said that the people once used fireworks to scare off a dragon that has been terrorizing them for decades.

  1.     Festive Feasts!
(Image: Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong)


Usually, families would gather on the last day of lunar year to enjoy a big meal that consists of various dishes. This is to show the strength and unity of the family, so it is a very important meal to the Chinese. The most common dishes are fish, roasted pork, Chinese dumplings, fruits etc. What is your favorite dish?

  1.     Temple Visit
(Image: Hello! Hong Kong)

         Temples are usually packed as people visit and pray to deities for luck and blessings to keep them going through the year. As mentioned earlier, we can also see Lion Dances if we are lucky!

         We certainly will miss these activities with our family and friends this year. However, we should look forward to these activities next year! What would you be doing this Chinese New Year?

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