New Exhibit In Zoo Melaka Features 150 Dinosaurs

(Image: Dinosaur Encounter)

Jurassic Park fans, get ready to have your minds blown because you can finally walk among the dinosaurs (just like in the movie!) right here in Malaysia.

Zoo Melaka has opened up a new dinosaur exhibit called, Dinosaur Encounter on Christmas Day! This new exhibit will feature over 100 live sized replicas of various dinosaur species spread out over 5 acres of land in Zoo Melaka. With the models being 1:1 sized like the real deal, you will see highly accurate detailing on each dinosaur such as their scaly skin texture or thorny spikes.

(Image: Dinosaur Encounter)

These hyper realistic dinosaur models come in various shapes and sizes with some so large that you won't be able to get a good picture of the whole dinosaur in one frame no matter how many steps back you take. But do remember to snap some fantastic shots while you are there as you will want to troll your friends that you were in the Jurassic Park franchise. Trust me, they would believe you!

The Dinosaur Encounter also takes your imagination to the next level with their realistic sound effects accompanied by many very convincing dinosaur replicas. You can act out being chased by the dinosaurs while they are roaring away at you!

Tickets to enter Zoo Melaka are available over the counter for RM 25 per adult and RM 15 for kids. You will have to pay for a separate ticket to enter the Dinosaur Encounter priced at RM 38 for adults and RM 31 for kids. This will be an experience to remember so hurry now and make your way to Zoo Melaka now!

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