NCT127 Leader, Taeyong Is Perfect For These 4 Reasons

1. He Is Very Protective Of NCT 127’s Members Especially The Younger Ones

(Image: SMTOWN official)

Taeyong is known as the ‘mother’ to his band members. According to them, he is the one they approach when they need encouragement. Taeyong frequently hypes up the members of NCT 127, often saying how proud he is of them on screen. In alignment with his mother position of the group, Taeyong is also the one who cooks and tidies up for all his members after a long day.

2. He Shows Love For His Family In Interviews

(Image: Allure)

On multiple instances when Taeyong was asked about his family on talk shows, he gets teary eyes. It can be hard for idols to spend time with their family but we know his parents are proud of him nonetheless. He also hopes to bring his family on exciting trips whenever he is available.

3. He Works Hard For NCT 127 Goals

(Image: Soompi)

There is no doubt that Taeyong is a natural born leader. He is said to be the one who practices the most before performing live. Needless to say, his determination always inspires other members to work harder. He is always thinking of ways to make the group the best it can be. One day he hopes that every member of NCT127 will be recognized for their individual talents and be able to pursue solo careers one day.

4. He Has The Best Hair Out Of Everyone In The Group

(Image: Koreaboo)

Kpop idols are notoriously famous for having the most flashy hair colours. You will rarely find an idol performing in their natural hair colour. In an interview with Allure Magazine, Taeyong admits that he chooses a new colour for his hair every month. We have seen him glow in mild shades of brown and also rocking various neon and pastel colours. Through every style change, it will fit perfectly on Taeyong.

That's every reason you need to start fangirling over the NCT 127 cutie! Let’s all hope they hold a concert in Malaysia soon. We love our Taeyong so much!

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