MySejahtera Application’s New Update Feature

This reign of terror might finally come to an end as our government bought RM2.05 billion worth of COVID-19’s vaccine from AstraZeneca. They are also further contacting China and Russia for more doses.


(Image: The Edge Markets)

Hopefully, we will get the vaccines by the end of February as announced previously.

Here’s how the vaccination process will occur:

  1. Download MySejahtera Application
  2. Register in MySejahtera Vaccination
  3. Create Appointment
  4. After-Vaccination Surveillance

Malaysia’s Senior Principal Assistant Director of Disease Control Division, Dr Mahesh urges every Malaysian citizen to download the application as the process is majority on My Sejahtera itself.

(Image: The Star)

It is stated that some Malaysians still have yet to download the application. It is available on all devices from Apple to Android to Huawei etc. So, download the application as it would literally save your lives!

It is wise to get the application sooner as people might flood the systems with forms and you might be placed in last for vaccination. Stay safe!

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