McCafe OREO is back!


If you haven't been living under a rock then you should probably already know that every Malaysian right now is OBSESSING over the new McCafe range of OREO drinks this holiday season! The OREO series is actually making a comeback from almost exactly one year ago when the same drinks were launched on December 5th last year. So if you missed out then, try not to miss it this time because it might just be here for a limited time only.

Quench your thirst with their new range of drinks made with OREO cookie crumbs. Choose from Iced Blended Mocha with OREO, Iced Chocolate with OREO, or Iced Blended Chocolate with OREO! These drinks have the chocolatey goodness of Oreo crumbs in every mouthful topped with some smooth whipped cream for that extra indulgence.

Imagine combining your favourite tea time snacks of coffee and cookies into one sweet, yummy beverage! We are just drooling thinking about it!


Try it for yourself by ordering via McDelivery, Drive Thru or Takeaway at a McCafe branch near you now!! If you have tried it, let us know what you think. We haven’t tried it out ourselves but you can bet that we’ll be on our way to get some soon!

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