Jeff Bezos is Taking A Break But Not Really

Roughly 27 years ago, an innovative young man came up with an amazing business idea to allow his customers to purchase anything they want from anywhere around the world. Jeff Bezos’ business plan took the world by storm and it has since become a worldwide service for different products.


(Image: Amazon)

After years of hard work, Jeff Bezos is stepping down from his role as the Chief Executing Officer (CEO) at Amazon. You may be wondering why or who the position will be given to. Well, we are here to tell you that. In summary, he is not leaving Amazon, but Andy Jassy will take over the role.


(Image: Time Bulletin)

It was revealed in a blog post to Jeff’s employees that he will step down from his position as CEO to focus on his new products and initiatives for Amazon. He wants to put his attention to Blue Origin, a space exploration company, and The Washington Post, a newspaper company.

A good description of the situation is provided by Amazon’s Chief Financial Officer, Brian Olsavsky, stating that it’s merely restructuring the tasks for Jeff and Andy. What do you think of this change? Will this event cause Microsoft, Google, and other big companies to compete with Amazon?

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