Indoor Valentine’s Day Ideas!

You should always treat your significant other the best you can. However, there are times where you’ll have to be extra creative in hopes to pull off something that can blow their minds away! Although we are still under the Movement Control Order (MCO), we can still be innovative and creative. Here's how:

1. Indoor Picnic!

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It may not seem special, but indoor picnic provides an unmatched experience with its overall aesthetics. It lets out a calm and soothing atmosphere depending on how you design it. Not to mention, it feels more intimate with just the both of you in one space! Pro-tip! Indoor picnic allows you to experience an awesome picnic without the pesky insects and ticklish grass!

2. Board Games!

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Spending Valentine’s Day indoors this year seems like a better option, but that doesn’t mean there’s no fun in it! Whip out some board games that you have and hop on board! It might not seem as exciting as going out to fancy dinners or singing your heart out at the karaoke, but the calm and thoughtful night might just make you notice something about them that you’ve never noticed before.

3. Make a vacation plan or a scrapbook!

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Planning a vacation is always an exciting experience because you can learn about each other and their respective preferences. Even though the borders are closed for now, you can still plan ahead! If you have been on a vacation with your loved one, you don’t really have enough time or the energy to create a scrapbook to store the memories in that moment. So, take this time to cherish old memories or plan new ones!

4. Learn a new activity!

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Learning new things is always a fun thing to do, especially with someone you love! Normally, people are too busy with their daily lives and may find it difficult to pick up something new. However, staying at home gives us the chance to do so! Regardless if it’s arts and crafts, dancing, or even baking, because everything just feels better with your significant other.

Do you agree with this list? Will you do any of the following during Valentine’s Day? 

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