Homeless Man Reunited Just in Time for Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is around the corner and we are all excited to see our friends and family again, regardless if it’s online or face-to-face. Despite the Movement Control Order (MCO), our love for people is not easily affected. However, one specific family is going to have the most unforgettable festival celebration this year.


(Image: Kuan Chee Heng)

Credits to Kuan Chee Heng, popularly known as Uncle Kentang by netizens, he reunited a mentally unstable man with his family after hours of convincing. He took his achievement to Facebook sharing the context and people are applauding for his contributions to society.


(Image: World of Buzz)

It all started when someone alerted Uncle Kentang that a homeless man was sleeping under shades during heavy rain or the scorching sun for weeks. The worst part is that he had been eating from garbage bins and rubbish dumps from the streets. A kind-hearted person like Uncle Kentang, he couldn’t bear to accept someone living as such and he sprung into action as soon as possible.

(Image: Kuan Chee Heng)

Uncle Kentang mentioned in his post that the process wasn’t easy as the homeless man was not willing to talk. He only responded with minimal words or slight head movements but Uncle Kentang was determined to help him, so he even offered food and beverages to gain trust and get comfortable with the homeless man. Sadly, it did not work as well as expected. Therefore, he went online to seek help.

(Image: Kuan Chee Heng)

Luckily, netizens were able to locate the homeless man’s brother and they talked about his past mental issues. Subsequently, the homeless man starts to trust Uncle Kentang as he slowly unfolds the brotherly relationship between himself and his brother. The turning point was when the wanderer heard his brother’s voice after being separated for a long time.

In the end, Uncle Kentang told him it is almost Chinese New Year, and he should be celebrating it with his family. The homeless elderly finally let out a smile and agreed to go home. We Malaysians are proud to have such a good role model with us and the lesson he taught us is to be patient and help others in need.

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