Here’s What You Need To Know Before Binge Watching The Anime Series, Black Clover

1.Get a head start on the manga before starting the anime

(Image: Black Clover Wiki)

Most anime series are based on a manga and so is Black Clover. Although the manga is long with 129 chapters, you will definitely enjoy the television series more once you have read it first. Viewers have said that it is fun to read ahead so they could compare the anime with the storyline from the manga to see how closely they align. 

2.Don’t blink because the main characters are revealed so quick, you might miss it

(Image: Honey Anime)

Avid watchers of the series have been vocal about disagreeing with the boss’s quick reveal. Most anime fans live for the suspense of the character’s back story. Some like dwelling on it to come out with their own theories. With half of the enjoyment gone, many viewers were upset. If this is a trigger for you, maybe don’t start the series unprepared.

3.If you loved Tokyo Ghoul and Bleach then you’ll definitely love Black Clover too!

(Image: Matt in the hat)

The template of having a storyline with the plot revealed early on is similar to the anime Bleach and Tokyo Ghoul. Fans love comparing the anime especially since all three were huge hits among anime watchers. This may not suit everyone's tastes as some viewers want to know, but others would rather have a bit of excitement built. 

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of a TV show or comics. These are some things you should know that might help you decide whether to get started on this series or nah. As always, you won't know until you try watching it yourself!

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