Here’s How Life Is Like In 4 Countries Where COVID-19 Does Not Exist

1. New Zealand

(Image: BBC)

In New Zealand, the entire country endured one of the strictest and earlier lockdowns in March through June. The country currently has a covid-free status and life is playing out as normal for their people! In 2020, normalcy has become newsworthy. New Zealanders haven't worn a mask out in a mask and do not dine in restaurants where the tables are spaced 6-feet apart. Are you jealous?

2. Australia 

(Image: Malay Mail)

In Australia, people often forget that there is even a pandemic still going on in the world. Perth has managed to record 8 months without any cases of community transmission. They credit this record to geographical isolation and government response. All around Australia, people are watching live theater and sports and seeing bands perform at packed concerts. Kids are even seen around the playground without any masks.

3. Taiwan 

(Image: Taipei Times)

Taiwan hasn’t had a new locally transmitted case of the coronavirus in more than 200 days. Taipei was the only country this year that was able to have a Pride Parade in person! It was a huge celebration with 130,000 people and no one was afraid of catching COVID-19. Every day life is as normal and this country says COVID-19 was never really an issue. Even before COVID, whenever people were ill, just as an extra precaution they would wear masks on buses and trains.

4. Thailand

(Image: Bangkok Times)

Thai people in Bangkok are drinking inside busy bars and dancing. Thailand has been declared COVID-19 free since September 2020! The country is even allowing tourists to enter the country freely. Tourists are required to undergo COVID testing, and the first batch of tourists in October arrived without any positive cases. There are also no social distancing rules in place.

Although many of us are ripping our hairs out in jealousy for these lucky countries, let’s have faith that this pandemic is coming to an end soon. Do not take your health for granted and make sure to take precautions when going out. The more careful we are, the sooner we can get out of any quarantine orders!

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