Here Are The Local Kit Kat Flavours You Can Get At Kit Kat Chocolatory

Kit Kat allows customers to customize their chocolate bars at their flagship stores, Kit Kat Chocolatory. The Chocolatory also creates their own unique flavours that you can buy over the counter. Here are some local Kit Kat flavours you can get at Kit Kat Chocolatory:

1. Nasi Lemak

(Image: Rojak Daily)

You can finally try out for yourself if Nasi Lemak belongs in a candy bar! This Kit Kat is a wafer covered in sweet white chocolate, with nuts, coconut flakes and chili flakes on the top. There is a very pungent coconut taste so if you like a coconutty treat with a spicy aftertaste, then you should definitely try this flavour.

2. Durian

(Image: Pinterest)

Durians are the King of fruits and you either go crazy cause you love them or hate them. The durian Kit Kat is a wafer covered in white chocolate with durian flavours. Although the durian taste is distinct, you can replace the actual fruit with this sweet treat. And if you’d like to try the actual fruit, give this a go first then you’d get a heads up of what durian tastes like.

3. Cham

(Image: Must Share News)

Cham means ‘mix’ in Cantonese and us Malaysians may have heard it while ordering drinks in restaurants. Cham is a blend of coffee and tea so Kit Kat Cham Bars are crunchy wafer bars with a rich coating of chocolate, coffee, and tea flavours!

4. Ice Kacang 

(Image: Seth Lui)

The ice kacang Kit Kat has all the goodies you always get in a nice bowl of ice kacang. Get ready to bite into a yummy wafer with red bean, melon pieces, sweet corn, and peanuts. You will definitely get taken aback with how similar this Kit Kat bar is to the traditional ice kacang.

We bet you can't wait to try these local Kit Kat flavours. If you thought that Malaysia’s local foodie delights are amazing, then you just might like them even more once you’ve tried them in a candy-like wafer bar!

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