Here Are Some Concerns Matriculation Students Face On Having Physical Exams

1. Physical Distancing Is Impossible 


Students on campus will be heavily exposed to COVID-19. Many students are required to live in hostels where four students share a single hostel room that is 250sq feet in size. In schools, there will be hundreds of students that will have to share a single washroom. For meals, campus cafeterias are always packed so it feels like there is no proper physical distancing.

2. Since Classes Are Done Online, Why Can’t Exams Be The Same

(Image: Telegraph India)

University classes have been conducted virtually for almost a year now. It is hard to rationalize going back to school for exams. Some schools restrict students from returning to their hometowns once they have entered the campus for their examination. That is an added stress on students' mental state as they don’t feel safe around crowded areas with people coming from different places.

3. Some Students Will Have To Travel Interstate To Sit For The Exams

(Image: Bloomberg)

Universities always consist of students from near and far states. As many are forced to travel interstate to sit for exams on site, there are risks to every student considering that some will be coming from areas that are marked as red zones.

The examination is said to be conducted face-to-face in many respective colleges from 6th to 13th Jan 2021. It is justified why these students and parents are concerned about their health and safety. Let's hope that a positive turn of events will happen for students everywhere. 

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