Here Are 4 Places You Can Volunteer To Care For Stray Animals

1. PAWS Animal Welfare Society, Subang

(Image: @pawspj)

Since 1987, PAWS has opened its doors to abandoned dogs, cats and rabbits. Upon taking in these strays, they will ensure that these animals are spayed, dewormed and vaccinated before being put up for adoption. As of today, the shelter is home to over 250 dogs and 250 cats.

With only a small team of 12 staff, PAWS welcomes volunteers to provide help by cleaning the animal cages and spending time playing with their animals. Volunteers are suggested to call ahead of time to book a time slot for volunteering as the shelter can only accommodate 5 volunteers at a time. You will then also need to fill up an online form to be an authorized volunteer.

2. S.I Home Shelter, Subang Jaya

(Image: S.I Home Shelter)

S.I Home Shelter is a home to more than 500 cats and dogs. A majority of the animals they take in are handicaped or require close medical attention. As they are housing many rescue animals, this shelter puts focus in speaking out against animal cruelty and animal abuse in their social media.

Volunteers are needed for cleaning of the compound, being companions to the animals and also assisting with feeding and medicine administration. Volunteers are expected to stick around for at least 3 hours at the shelter so make sure you have the time before heading down.

3. SPCA, Ampang 

(Image: @spca_selangor)

For 60 years, the organization Society For The Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA Selangor) has been the protector of animals who are unable to defend themselves. Not only do they care for the abused or stray animals but also run a no frills adoption program as well as a low-cost clinic for spaying.

To become a volunteer, you must first undergo a training program called Pet Care Programme (PCP). This is to ensure that their animals are in safe hands and you can also learn how to be an expert caretaker. Once you are trained, you can help out by cleaning, preparing and serving meals to the animals. Volunteers can also act as tour guides around the kennel and assist visitors when adopting an animal. Not forgetting, volunteers are also there to keep the animals company.

 4. Second Chance Animal Society, Hulu Langat

(Image:  Second Chance Animal Society)

If you have a large group of friends and don't know where to hang out, you should definitely head over to Second Chance Animal Society where they would love to have large groups of volunteers come help at the shelter. As a volunteer, you will be given a choice of 3 tasks: painting kennels, cleaning the shelter’s compound, or bathing the dogs. You will also be required to bring your own tools to use depending on which task you chose earlier such as buckets of paint or brooms. 

The reason for this shelter requiring many volunteers is because they stand by a no-kill policy which means that no animal in their shelter will ever be put down due to any circumstance. This results in an ever increasing number of animals in their compound and insufficient manpower to manage them all. 

There are always ways that you can show kindness to everyone around you including animals. One good deed can go a long way. Find a shelter near you and start helping out today!

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