Here Are 3 Shocking Facts About Beloved Taeyong of NCT127

1.Taeyong’s First Tattoo Is His Beloved Dog, Ruby

(Image: Koreaboo)

In September 2020, Taeyong announced on a livestream that his beloved puppy, Ruby, has sadly passed away. Taeyong is a known animal lover and fans were concerned for him as they know how attached he was to Ruby because they had each other’s back since Taeyong was in middle school. He mentioned that although he was not taking the news well, he is confident that there will be brighter days ahead. To show his never ending affection for Ruby, he got his tattoo just days before her passing.

2.Taeyong Created His Own Scholarship After His Debut 

(Image: Hello Kpop)

This may come as a surprise to most fans as there are little updates on this topic, but Taeyong is currently supporting 4 different children through their education. The leader of NCT 127 initiated this scholarship, after the boy group made a visit to a primary school, Da Ae, spending time with the kids by doing arts and crafts and teaching them some dance moves.

3.Taeyong Has A Mild Case Of Mysophobia 

(Image: Twitter)

Mysophobia is a serious fear of contamination and germs. Though he claims it is not serious, he does tend to act a little OCD. For example, he is incapable of leaving things on the floor for too long and needs to clean every little tiny mess immediately. Due to his condition, he must also wash his hands very frequently.

I bet only a handful of fans knew that about Taeyong! But this is just all the more reason we have to shower the great leader of NCT 127 with love! Keep looking up for more of Taeyong’s latest updates!

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