Global Warming Caused A Huge Meltdown in India!

Global warming strikes again as India becomes the victim. A part of the famous Nanda Devi collapsed into a river alongside a huge amount of water and mountain debris on Sunday. According to Cable News Network (CNN), approximately 171 people are missing and 26 confirmed deaths as the tragedy wiped out everything nearby.


(Image: The Financial Express)

At this moment, rescue teams are giving their all to search for the missing individuals. Gizmodo, a news reporting agency stated that there are 35 identified people trapped under a tunnel further down the disastrous stream. The rescue teams are currently using excavators and earthmovers to remove the surrounding debris to find them.


(Image: Bloomberg)

However, it is still unclear what caused the glacier to burst and contributed to this whole mess. Researchers are convinced that it is caused by climate change and this statement is also backed up by Anjal Prakash, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Fortunately, there have been sightings of people from the disaster. They have been rescued and sent for care. Let us all come together and pray for the safety of those who are still not discovered.

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