Feeling Bored during Quarantine? Try these 5 activities to be productive!

It has almost been a year since Malaysia started quarantine due to a deadly virus, COVID-19. People are bored as outdoor entertainments are forced to close temporarily. However, what if we tell you there are some indoor activities that occupy the majority of your time while having fun?

1. Languages Languages!

(Image: Trinity Business Review)

We should be learning new languages as we live in a multilingual country. It is beneficial to be able to be multilingual as it helps enhance communication and it can provide an insight of the culture and history behind it. You can download Duolingo and start today!

2. Movie Night!

(Image: Studio 5)

Since most of the family are working from home or studying from home, we can take the advantage of having family movie nights! It is less troublesome compared to going to the theatres. There are many documentaries and television shows available online that could be educational and you can share a moment with your family!

3. Cooking!

(Image: Asian Inspiration)

Has working from home made you lazier than usual? Have you been ordering deliveries daily? Don’t worry as you can take the time and learn how to cook simple dishes! It might seem hard and the food would not be expected but it will pay off over time!

4. Selfcare!

(Image: WIRED)

You must take advantage of this free time to take care of yourself. Self-love should be normalized and not something to post about on social media as something special. It can be as simple as doing your nails or applying a mask before you sleep. So, utilize this time to take care of yourself to motivate and feel fresh!

5. Cleanup!

(Image: Reddit)

Does your room look like this? We hope not as this is not the most suitable environment to surround yourself. You could take the time to throw out some old items and try to redecorate with shelves, aesthetically pleasing drawings or plants etc.

What do you think? Is it better than slouching and playing online games all day?

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