FamilyMart Adds A New Bubble Cha Cha To Drink Range

FamilyMart Malaysia recently released a new age version of the classic Malaysian dessert, the famous Bubur Cha Cha. They are calling their invention the Bubble Cha Cha which has stark resemblance to the original sweet and thick drink that us Malaysians are so in love with. 

(Image: FamilyMartMY)

The Bubble Cha Cha comes accompanied with sweet taro paste imported from Taiwan and topped with crystal chewy pearls. If you’re afraid to stray too far from the taste of the familiar traditionally made dessert, do not worry! The resemblance is uncanny but instead of sweet potato chunks and slices of pearled sago, FamilyMart spices things up with their own chewy crystal bubbles.

Regardless of the weather, Bubble Cha Cha makes the perfect dessert to have on any occasions. You can choose to enjoy the hot dessert during a rainy day for RM 6.90 or order a cold bowl during a hot day for RM 8.90!

(Image: FamilyMartMY)

You can try them out today as this yummy treat is already available in any FamilyMart outlet. Go check them out and enjoy yourself a sweet treat!

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