Do You Know Doraemon is Closely Related to Adulthood?

Every Malaysian has fond memories of Doraemon at some point in their lives. Regardless of whether you have watched any of their movies or shows, you can’t deny that the figurines and plushies of the famous manga series are everywhere around the world!


(Image: Dario AS)

Recently, fans have gone insane online after a poster preview of the latest movie, Doraemon: Stand by Me 2. This is a sequel to their previous movie, Doraemon: Stand by Me, which was released in 2014. The movie in 2014 illustrates how Doraemon was sent to help Nobita (the main character), to form a better future by taking personality-changing adventures while also drawing Nobita and his crush, Shizuka closer to each other. The sequel’s poster gave a sneak peek of Nobita and Shizuka getting married with Doraemon glancing at them proudly.


(Image: Wikipedia)

Doraemon has always been a fan-favorite show although the basic storyline is the same throughout the series. It is mostly loved in Japan as it shows the true nature of people and it perceives how people want to live. In the real world, the Japanese are very disciplined due to the expectations of behaving as if their school or work lives are more important than living their lives. Sadly, it’s such a common phenomenon that they have a term for it called, 'karoshi', where they pass away from overworking.

Hence, 95% of Google users liked Doraemon: Stand by Me 2 as people want to live a fruitful and exciting life as Nobita did. What do you think? Will you watch it when it releases in February 2021?

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