Daboba Launches New Drink In Time For The Holiday Season

Attention all Daboba fans, we have great news in store for you! Daboba Malaysia is collaborating with M&M to launch their limited edition drink!

(Image: Daboba)

The drink is called the limited-edition Chocolate Brownies with M&M drink and it is the perfect drink for you this upcoming Christmas celebration. It will be available in Daboba stores starting from 18th December 2020. Feel the festivity in the air with a drink that looks like a tasty Christmas tree!

(Image: Daboba)

Topped with smooth snow-white whipped cream and sprinkled with colourful M&M chocolate, it may get messy as you dig into it. So, Daboba was kind enough to release instructions on how you should drink it:

Step 1: Grab a small spoon to scoop a bite of the whipped cream and M&M chocolate candies.

Step 2: Start sipping away with the fragrant chocolate brownie smoothie. 

It also comes with an adorable Christmas cup holder! What are you waiting for? Quickly get yours now before Santa brings it back to his workshop!

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