Check Out The 4 Weirdest New Year’s Eve Traditions Around The World

1. Spain

(Image: Casa Bay Villa)

Spaniards believe in the tradition of eating 12 lucky grapes at midnight on New Year’s Eve. They must also complete eating the grapes in 12 seconds once the clock strikes midnight. According to the tradition, eating the twelve grapes leads to a year of good luck and prosperity!

2. Denmark

(Image: Femina)

In Denmark, when the clock strikes midnight, your ears will ring with the sound of glass breaking. Neighbours everywhere will start smashing plates against their friend’s front doors. You can tell the popularity of someone depending on how much broken china you see at their doorstep at midnight. According to tradition, this brings good luck, so the more smashed plates, the luckier you'll get the next year!

3. Japan

(Image: Free Malaysia Today)

In Japanese customs, a New Year Celebration must include a bowl of hot soba noodles called  Toshikoshi soba (year-end buckwheat noodles). The word “Toshikoshi” translates to climb or jump from the past times to the future. Many Japanese also believe that long soba noodles symbolises longevity. It is ideal to be slurping on some soba as the New Year arrives.

4. Italy 

(Image: Grand Voyage Italy)

Nearing the New Years street vendors along Italy will be selling some bright red undergarments for people to wear as they welcome a new year. It will be one main thing you will need to wear to be rid of evil spirits and negativity in the coming year. The colour red is also a sign of happiness so not only does it chase out the bad, it brings in the good too! 

Regardless of how the New Year is celebrated, we could all use some luck going into a new year. Close the chapter of 2020 on a high note and why not give these superstitions a try! Who knows if they would turn out to work for you. Good luck!

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