Bernie Sanders is everywhere!

If you are constantly scrolling through social media, the recent Bernie Sanders’ craze will hit you by storm! It all started from Joe Biden’s inauguration where Bernie was spotted chilling by himself with his fluffy mittens.

(Image: Brandon Smialowski)

The image went viral from Instagram to Twitter where people would crop Bernie’s image and have him travelling the world (virtually of course)!


1. Ryan Reynold Leaks Deadpool

(Instagram: Vancity Reynolds)

2. He was spotted at i-City Malaysia! Can you spot him?

3. Oh no! Bernie’s not wearing a blindfold!

(Image: Wonderland Magazine)

What do you think? Is this meme as funny as it should be? Regardless, this meme is going to be around for a while, and might even go down as one of the highlights of 2021!

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