Battle of The Century!

What’s better than two regular monsters fighting on screen? Gigantic titans fighting for absolute dominance. Unfortunately, it is said that Godzilla vs Kong will be delayed further until the 21st of May 2021 due to the everlasting pandemic. But that didn't stop the Warner Bros. from releasing a trailer of the movie that showcases nerve wrecking and heart stopping fight scenes! 

(Image: Warner Bros)

The production company, Legendary Pictures originally brought up the idea back in 2015 as a crossover to determine who is the best titan ever created. In Godzilla vs Kong, we can expect surprises as Kong holds a weapon shaped like an axe as shown in the trailer. Apart from that, there are also many anticipated combating scenes where Godzilla goes face to face with Kong as they uncover more mystery that comes from their history.

The movie trailer definitely sparked up the curiosity and excitement of many movie buffs! Here are some funny remarks commented under the trailer’s YouTube channel:

1. Very well noted indeed

2. Makes absolute sense. Please pay your employees on time to restrain their inner Godzilla okay.

3. You’re not wrong.

4. Exactly! Smh seriously.

5. The best plot twist if you ask me.

So what do you think? Are there more secrets behind the trailer? If you haven’t already watched it, you’re definitely missing out big time! 

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