5 Trivia Questions Only A True Tom Cruise Fan Can Answer

How Tall Is Tom Cruise?

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Tom Cruise has pulled in a flood of articles that will always want to feature his obvious absence of tallness. The articles will even venture to the extreme as to guarantee Tom is looking for guidance over a potential quarter inch disappearance in his height. Tom's tallness is routinely recorded as being 5ft 7, even though 30 years ago, he was said to be a normal 5ft 8 or 9. Tom himself was consistently commenting that he has always been essentially a similar weight, 147 pounds - at 5 feet 9 inches.

Which Disney Prince Was Modeled After Tom Cruise?

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Ever noticed a similarity between Tom Cruise and Aladdin from the Disney animated film? If you have then congratulations because there absolutely is a reference to the action film star in the Disney classic! The animators at Disney actually borrowed features from Cruise's facial structure and hair to make Aladdin more likable!

Which Marvel Superhero was Tom Cruise Offered To Play?

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Robert Downey Jr. plays the smart and wealthy entrepreneur, Tony Stark in the kickoff to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man. However, Tom Cruise was offered the part first but chose to decline the role. 

How Many Oscars Does Tom Cruise Have?

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Surprisingly none! It may feel like he's a regular on our theater screens for forever, but get ready to be surprised because Tom Cruise has never actually gone home with an Oscar. Although, he has been nominated three times, for Magnolia, Jerry Maguire, and Born on the Fourth of July. 

How Old Was Tom Cruise When He Learned To Read?

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Tom Cruise was 19 when he learned how to read! He suffered from severe dyslexia and credits his healing to the Church of Scientology in the late '80s. All through school and well into the start of his career, he was burdened by his inability to read and lucky for him to have overcome his setbacks!

There are the top 5 fun facts on the daredevil actor we all know and love. Hopefully you figured out how big a fan of the actor you are. How many questions were you able to get right? And no cheating!

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