5 Tips To Reduce Stress

The stress is starting to kick in. After being bombarded with questions from your aunties and uncles during Chinese New Year about life on your financial standings, relationship status and career positions, the stress would gradually accumulate and suffocate you. In order to reduce the amount of stress you are feeling right now, here are 5 Ms that can help you loosen up that stiff shoulder and relax.

1) Movie

What would be a nicer way to relax than watching a movie? Grab a friend and pick a good movie to watch (preferably comedy). Laugh your butts off and fill your body with endorphins that can help improve your mood.

2) Music

Turn on your speakers and take a break by playing some relaxing music. Let the music calm your brain so that it can produce better and more effective solutions to your problems.

3) Meditate

Take a deep breath and let your mind focus. Do not let all the problems make you go crazy and lose focus on your daily activities as this will only double up the stress you initially had.

4) Move your body

Get off your chair, move your body and stretch your muscles. Do not have time to go for a full exercise? Just take a few steps around your office and let the problems in your mind slowly unclog.

5) Massage

Leave the stress aside. Pamper yourself to a relaxing spa and massage session. Spa package will be a perfect choice as it includes an aromatherapy floral footbath, a Balinese massage and a foot massage, complemented with your choice of either the herbal steam or aroma bath. This will then allow you to resume work and carry on with life with a rejuvenated body, a refreshed mind and a perfect festive glow.

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