5 Things You Can Do To Help Flood Victims

1.Donate blood

(Image: Red Cross Chat)

Unknown to most people, there are more health and safety risks to flood victims than drowning. Flood victims are also susceptible to injuries related to being swept and hit by objects. They are also highly exposed to water-borne diseases in the aftermath of the flood.

2.Donate essentials and supplies

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Floods can destroy properties and cars but that is unavoidable. Additionally, losing many possessions to a flood adds financial strains to families. Make sure you donate to reputable organizations that will bring your donations over to the affected site. Some necessities you can donate are food, water, clothing and etc.

3. Help with the clean up once the water recedes

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Flood causes a lot of damage to homes and forces people to stay in evacuation centers. Usually, there is nothing left to salvage when they return. Furniture that was floating around during the flood will have to be thrown out and the streets need to be cleaned. You can volunteer your time to help speed up the difficult process for the victims.

4. Volunteer your skills

(Image: Daily Mail)

Regardless if you have a medical background or if you only know to navigate a boat, there is always a way for you to volunteer! All help is needed especially providing moral support to the victims and volunteers. From truck driving to food, water, and medication supply, a small good act can go a long way.

5.Pray for our neighbors

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When the floods hit Pahang, people went on Twitter to remind everyone else to #Prayforpahang. Prayer is much needed especially during a natural disaster. A flood is something that humans are unable to control. If you live far from the site of the flood and you are not physically able to help, or if you do not have the financial capability to donate, then prayers are always welcomed. Prayers are always something anyone can give.

As many of us are looking for the right ways and means to help the flood victims during this monsoon season, why not try doing something from this list. Helping out someone is not a hard task to do and you should definitely go for it if you can. Let’s show kindness to one another during hard times like this.

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