5 Reasons So Many Pets Were Abandoned In 2020

1. Inability To Financially Care For Pets During MCO


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Being a pet owner is a huge financial commitment. There are many costs involved especially if you want to ensure the best life for your furry friend. Caring for a pet includes expenses such as food, medical check ups, vitamins, grooming and more! For pet owners that have financial constraints during this unprecedented time, it would be too stressful to maintain their pets. 

2. Possibility Of Viral Transmission From Pets

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In the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak, not much was known about the virus and pet owners were concerned if their pets were also at risk of contracting it. The fear was enough reason for some pet owners to kick their pets out of their homes. Today, science has proven that pets cannot transmit the virus to humans.

3. Pets Misbehaving At Home

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Similar to a human child, pets will show unwanted behaviour in the house without proper training. During quarantine, pet owners are encouraged to stay in their homes. When pets see their owners they often want to play, so this could be disturbing to pet owners as they need to focus on their daily tasks.

4. Moving Houses Due To MCO

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The economic effect of the pandemic this year has forced a lot of people to move back home with their families or cheaper areas with less risk of contracting the virus. Pets are difficult to transport and most do not adapt well to new places. Sometimes it can also cause unnecessary stress for the pet to be moved into a new environment.

5. Pets Have Babies Unexpectedly 

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Some pet owners do not spay their pets and that leads to having babies. Common pets like cats and dogs give birth to large litters. With too many mouths to feed, pet owners are unable to care for the pets and the babies so they are left to fend for themselves.

If you have a pet that you are unable to care for, please do seek other options before deciding to abandon your furry companions. There are organizations that would love to adopt your pets and provide the love they deserve.

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