[5 Reasons] Get Your Kids Out Of The House If You're Good Parents!

We all grew up playing with our friends, siblings and neighbors outdoors. But with more and more advanced technologies coming in, do you think that kids should just stay home and learn from screens of tablets, phones and computer? 

Here are five reasons on why your kids should be running around outdoors and not staying in facing various screens. You’ll be amazed at what they can learn from just being around nature. It’s also the best place for them to practice their problem solving skills and also build up their immune systems.  

1. Socializing - Besides playing video games by themselves, there are other activities that the kids could be doing as well.  Activities that will bring them together with the rest of the kids. For example, bringing them to the nearby park in your area. They’ll get to learn to cooperate and also learn from one another. It’s important to start exposing them to new environments from young. 

2. Arts and craft - Kids aren’t afraid to express how they are feeling or what they want to do. Do encourage them to go around looking for little things outdoors such as leaves, tiny pebbles and so on to bring home for a session of arts and craft. Add on some crayon and paint and be prepared to be surprised with the result!

3. Types of senses - The kids do get to smell, taste and listen from inside of the house. But it is also important to let them run outside and explore. This helps to also teach their nervous system while also expanding their imagination. 

4. Focusing - When going out for a walk, come up with a spontaneous and fun mission for them to achieve! Such as spotting a red car parked at the side of the road! They would also love a hidden mission. In your spare time during the weekend, do plan a mini treasure hunt. Stash their favourite or a new toy in a box and hide it behind the tree, on the bench, etc. This would help them to be independent and look for the treasure based on the given map.

5. Sunlight - Being exposed to the sunlight outdoors is good for the body as it helps to reset immunity, improves mood and also provide vitamin D. Yes, it can get hot in the afternoon. So the best time to be out would be earlier in the day or in the evening. Do also put on sunblocks for them If you want to. 

All in all, kids should be given the chance to explore this everyday experience outdoors. Give this tips a go and await to see if there are any changes from the kids! It is also a good time to bond with them using the activities mentioned above and other fun outdoor activities like being at I-city! Be the one to help them expand their imagination.


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