5 Must Try Kit Kat Flavours That You Can Only Get In Japan

1. Sakura Japanese Sake 

(Image: Calia)

This Kit Kat bar will not only taste good but it looks really good too. The Kit Kat with Sakura Japanese Sake flavour is a yummy chocolate bar coated with a pretty pink layer of milk chocolate. The blush pink colour is from the favour of cherry sake which gives the chocolate bar a strong flowery taste.

2. Sweet Potato 

(Image: Grape)

Sweet potatoes are sweet and so is chocolate so you can definitely expect that this Kit Kat bar is overloaded with sweetness. Your sweet tooth will surely be satisfied. Though potatoes are an unexpected flavour, you should give the potatoes a chance and try them out.

3. Wasabi

(Image: FoodBev Media)

Is sushi slowly becoming boring to you? Kit Kat is here to enlighten your taste buds with some wasabi flavoured Kit Kat. Sporting a bright green colour, it's easy to mistake these bars for green tea except this comes with an immediate spicy kick. Don't worry as the sweet chocolate tastes kicks in after the spicyness. 

4. Chocolate Banana

(Image: Pinterest)

Chocolate banana Kit Kat bars have the coolest design of all other Kit Kat bars with a chocolate coating to look like tiger stripes! This might be considered one of the more normal flavours Nestle Japan has came up with. Chocolate and banana are common in sweet desserts and the flavours will obviously fit well on a Kit Kat bar.

5. Cough Syrup

(Image: NY Daily News)

Looking for an easy way to eat your medicines? Kit Kat made a genius move to get people to eat their medicines. This chocolate bar is not only yummy but good for you as it also contains 2.1% of throat lozenge power. You don't have to worry about having a sore throat after eating too many sweets anymore.

These flavours are a must try for any adventurous eaters out there. Japan is famous for a lot of things and having over the top Kit Kat flavours is one of them! Which flavour would you like to try first? It is too hard to decide!

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