4 Things You Probably Didn't Know About i-City SnoWalk

Do you know about SnoWalk at i-City Shah Alam?

SnoWalk features 50 thousand square feet of floor space and over 100 tonnes of ice sculptures shaped by a team of 30 artists from Harbin, China.

Here are 4 things you probably didn’t know about SnoWalk, make sure you read until #4 so you won’t miss out this awesome place!

1) -5 Degrees Celsius Arctic Experience

Being South East Asia’s first indoor winter wonderland, SnoWalk is climate-controlled at below 5 degrees celsius. So, visitors can enjoy the ice sculptures, LED lights and games inside the area. Due to the nature of the attraction, pregnant moms and wheelchair users are not permitted to SnoWalk.

2) Ice-Sliding Is My Type Of Slide

Ready, Set, Go! Slide down the ice slide for as many times as you like, but make sure to hold on tight, because it is going to be fast. What is better than a thrilling ride down a slide made of ice.

3) Tobogganing - Er, What??

Ever experienced sitting on the chair and sliding through ice? Now you can team up with your friends and family to race one another. Be careful as it can be slippery, that is why you get a stick to navigate your way through the ice.

4) Free Jacket and Boots!

Yes, you saw that correctly! Jacket and boots are provided to every visitor of SnoWalk to keep you warm. You can wear your own gloves for additional warmth while enjoying inside.

(NOTE : Gloves are OPTIONAL. If you want, you can purchase a pair of gloves at RM 10 per pair at the counter)

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