4 Perfect Instagrammable Spots at I-City’s City of Digital Lights

If quarantine has left your Instagram a little dry, then look no further for the next place to be to get some picture perfect shots! 

1. Giant Ferris Wheel

(Image: i-City)

A huge ferris wheel makes the perfect background for any picture you have in mind. Regardless if it’s a cute selfie, a romantic couple shot or an awkward family shoot, you can rest easy knowing all the attention will be focused on the brightly lit wheel.

2. LED Forrest 

(Image: i-City)

Climbing up muddy hills and damp fields may not be for everyone. So if you want a ‘nature’ shot amongst the trees, why not go for an LED Forrest? Stand out from the crowd as you pose, hugging some LED wrapped maple and pine trees.

3. 2- Tier Carousel 

(Image: i-City)

As a child you may have sat on the little merry-go-rounds that's usually in the malls. But at i-City, prepare to see a gigantic 2- tier carousel that's flushed with vibrant LED lights everywhere. You can get photos on it or around it and it would still be a sight to behold!

4. SuperSwing

(Image: Trip Advisor)

Are you a daredevil trying to prove yourself? Make sure everyone sees how brave you are while spinning extra fast on a SuperSwing! With the centre and top of the swing all nicely lit up, it would make a perfect spot to get an Instagrammable pic and let all your followers see that you know how to have fun.

Charge up those phones and pack a spare battery for that DSLR because you just know you will be snapping away all through the night! Remember these recommendations you won't want to miss!!

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