3 Ways The Pandemic Has Changed Hollywood Movie Making

Routine Testing 

(Image: Variety)

Cast and crew of any ongoing production will have to be tested at least 3 times a week. There will also be temperature checks every day. So if you are considering a career in acting and dramas, you should start getting used to sticking a six-inch cotton-wool bud up your nose and down your tonsils every morning. Hollywood stars are also not excused from the compulsory  mask wearing rule. Some side effects of having a mask on for long hours include, heat strokes, dehydration as you don’t drink enough water, and headaches.

Stars Have To Be Isolated in Set Bubble Even When Not Filming 

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The cast of any show being filmed will have to be provided lodging while filming. This adds up to production costs as hotel stays are usually expensive. This step is perhaps the most necessary to limit the cast and crew exposure to any viruses in the outside world. Though a luxury hotel stay is what most of us dream of, it could get challenging especially for members of a production that is expected to run for months on end.

Though producers expect that set bubbles are going to be the norm, there are also challenges. The issue of casts and crew being willing to go on lockdown or quarantine every time for longer periods of time is the main problem, next to the additional costs.

A COVID-19 Consultant Is Required To Be On Set At All Times 

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Large blockbuster movies will require a team of between six and 10 Covid-19 coordinators, swabbing nurses and medics. The role of these COVID-19 advisors is to make sure that everyone is two metres socially distanced. They will also conduct the routine health checks and tests for the cast and crew. COVID-19 consultants also monitor any cross contacts by overseeing the sanitation of movie sets and the handling of movie props used.

It’s time now to think if the Hollywood glamour is the right path for you now. If you’re up for the challenge then do make note of these changes. As always, keep safe!

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