3 Reasons You Won’t Want To Miss I-City’s Red Carpet 2

1. Be the envy of all your friends when you have those celebrity pics!

(Image: i-City)

Although on the off chance you do get to meet a celebrity face to face, you may never have the guts to take the photos with them that you desperately need. Well, at the Red Carpet 2, you can take infinite number of pictures and selfies with your #1 film and TV stars as you like. You can take photos in various poses such as crazy pictures to intense ones. The best part is the wax stars won't worry about it the slightest bit.

2. Load up on some celebrity fun facts

(Image: i-City)

The Red Carpet 2 is devoted to their celebrity figures. Gawk in awe at the presence of superheroes, royals, sci-fi characters, tech giants, corporate moguls, K-pop artists, and more! With more than 100 characters, you’ll be able to meet your idols for sure. You won't be limited to just sitting and staring, but you can learn unknown facts about these stars, such as their accomplishments in their field of work, ups and downs throughout their careers, the charity work they are involved with, and so much more!

3. It is a fun way to spend time together with family and friends 

(Image: Outlook India)

The place is great for a fun family outing, as well as for groups of friends. Bond with your loved ones as you make jokes and converse with the many stunning wax stars that are highlighted at the Red Carpet 2. Your family will be right next to you chuckling and making their own jokes as you experience this fantastic gallery. 

You do not want to miss this opportunity of a lifetime! Plus, it’s ideally located in the heart of Selangor, Malaysia. This is a world class treat you will definitely want to experience, right in your homeland.

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