3 Reasons Why Blinks Are Demanding YG Treat Lisa Better

1. YG Has Never Allowed Her To Publicly Accept Or Acknowledge Her Awards

(Image: Twitter)

In 2018, Lisa won The Standard, “Person of The Year'' award, a prestigious award from her home country, Thailand. However due to restrictions on YG Entertainment’s behalf, Blinks were left waiting for hours on end for any sign on social media that Lisa had accepted her award. The strangest part is this restriction of not announcing her achievements outside the group only applies to this member of the famous Blackpink.

2. The Stylist Always Gives Her The Worst Outfits

(Image: Film Daily)

There’s no question that Kpop fashion is always eye-catching and seems light years ahead of style in any other country. Some very observant Blinks have noticed that Lisa’s outfit in performances are always way too similar to that of their backup dancers making her less noticeable. Her clothing is also less attractive compared to the other members of the group.

3. YG Has TradeMarked Lisa’s Name

(Image: Bangkok Post)

YG  has registered Lisa’s surname and real name – “Manobal” and “Manobal Lalisa” – as trademarks. YG will have the exclusive right on the word(s) “Manobal” and “Manobal Lalisa” for clothing products in 13 countries around the world. YG has also thought far ahead enough to decide on registering the trademarks in countries which will be huge markets for them. In addition to the protection term of the trademark registration, which is 10 years, the exclusive right to Lisa’s names as registered will belong to YG indefinitely.

Lisa is a superb Kpop Idol and as Blinks we want only the best for Lisa! She can do anything! Let’s just hope the agency will remember what valuable talent they have on their hands!

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